Green Dot

Checking the green dot on the back of a magic card is one of my favorite checks. This check is based on how the color separation was done during the making of the films which are used for printing. Wizards seems to use the same files for the backs since Alpha, with clearly separated colors. There are a lot of color variations due to changes in the saturation but the pattern is always the same. But how should it look like? Easy, the green is solid and has only four red dots in it in an L shape. This “L”-pattern can be found on any legit magic card. Let’s take a look below on the picture and you should easy see it.

Important Note: Please remember, this doesn’t work for rebacks as they are made from “original card parts”.

Some trivia and insights ahead

To counterfeit this pattern, the counterfeiter needs either the original WOTC owned print files or adjust his files over and over unless he gets a close to similar pattern. But single changes in the red film alone would other side effects and problems. Everything needs to be changed all together, that means any single color film. The time and workload to accomplish fakes with the same printing pattern would be incredible high and close to impossible to do. This is a really difficult task. I don’t say it is impossible but I believe it is so hard to do that noone will get it right anytime soon, even with a lot of money to burn.

That is why I view pattern checks as a safe check for now and the future. If you want your own safe check, there are other constants in the pattern you can look out for. The green dot is just the most popular one.