How to detect counterfeit magic cards

I am playing magic since the mid 90s and I think it was in my first year as I had the first contact with coutnerfeit magic cards. A friend of mine was frauded with a library of alexandria he bought from the states. This happening was also part of one of the first and biggest counterfeit cases in the early magic history.

Fakes are not a problem of current times, they are as old as magic and they are a thing every player should be aware about. To my knowledge, the first offical warning about counterfeit magic cards was issued 1994 as Peter Adkinson informed the community about fake cards and tampered boosterpacks.

I will try to give everyone some help on how to spot them and provide some more detailed information on fakes in circulations best to my knowledge.

This site was done in the hope to help people to stay save and avoid beeing burned.

A (older) but interesting article by wizards themself can be found here:

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